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Fill your life with EXPERIENCES (not things)

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Feeling all the flashback-feels and gratitude-goosies, today.

After spending yesterday afternoon doing some digital organizing, I am feeling overwhelmed with #gratitude for the priceless and endless, experiences and #travel that I’ve been privy to.

What a magical (and somber) moment it was to stand here - at the Colosseum in Rome, during my 2016 self-titled "Drink, Pray, Love World Tour".

No matter what your stressor, #heartache, hurdle or plight, there is something so #healing, uplifting and perspective-giving about travel. Your world and its problems, griefs and complaints become so small when faced with the scale of THE world and its history, architecture, natural wonders, art, cultures and diversities.

Dear boys and girls, rather than spending your resources on fleeting fashions, temporary trends and depreciating possessions (chasing approval and attention) I’d urge you to invest in travel and the pursuit of collecting life-experiences. THINGS will fill your hands and home (and will eventually fade), but memories and experience will transform you, educate you, open your eyes, deepen your empathy, widen your #perspective and will FILL you to the core.

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