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Gratitude for the small things during quarantine

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Pool day pretty much every day these days. 🌊

But on a sincere note: I am increasingly cognizant of, and #grateful for, the luxury it is to have a pool in the backyard during COVID / quarantine 2020.

With so many people cooped up in their homes now, for months on end, even on the days when I, too, succumb to the frustration and hopelessness, I need only stop for a moment and think about the simple fact that I can “transport” myself by stepping outside and sitting by, or soaking in the pool.

These daily backyard “getaways” have been instrumental for staying sane, and I wish it was something I could share with all my friends, who don’t find themselves with such access.

So, today... yet again, is a pool day. To switch things up, today I am pretending that I’m at a beachfront resort somewhere... books to read, floppy hat, poolside snacks and a Pina Colada - to aid in the illusion ☺️🏖

What is something simple that you can focus on today, and express #gratitude for during #quarantine?

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