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  • Tiffany Michelle

Make Room for the Falling Apart

I know we are all eager for a “New Year”, but the reality is that everything won’t magically change tonight at midnight. Life is not a Disney movie and you are not Cinderella (sorry to be the one to tell you).

I don’t say this to be grim. I am an absolute rose-colored glasses optimist and love seeing, feeling, and believing in the magic & beauty of life.

For me, this paragraph isn’t dispiriting, it’s powerful... transformative.

The more we can learn to embrace (and EXPECT) the testing, the falling apart and the lack of answers, the more equipped we will be to actually handle LIFE and its constant curveballs — and the less shaken we’ll be when the tests come and the falling apart ensues.

So, wherever you are today and whatever you’ve been through this past year, my New Year wish for you is that you “let there be room”. Instead of trying to escape where you are or futilely aim to reach some magical finish line where everything is just suddenly better, I hope you do something more productive for yourself and simply make room for life... for the process... and for “all the feels”, as they undoubtedly will continue to ebb and flow.

Onward we march, friends, and what a privilege it is to be alive for the journey 🙏🏽

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