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Female poker pro Tiffany Michelle broke records in a $9 million dollar poker game at age 24 and was named one of the 'Most Fascinating People in Poker'. She become one of the Top 10 Female Money Earners of All-Time (Under Age 30) and has since built a versatile poker career - as a professional Professional Poker Player, On-Camera Host/Commentator, Coach and Gaming Content Producer - spanning the last 20-years.

Past and current keynote titles/topics include:

  • SHE GOT GAME: How a 24yr Old Girl Broke Records in a $9 Million Dollar Poker Game

  • PLAYING YOUR CARDS RIGHT & WRONG: Navigating Uncertainty Like a Poker Pro

  • CAN'T READ MY POKER FACE: A Poker Pro Guide to Mastering Ego, Emotion & Expectation

  • ALL IN: Poker Pro Secrets For Optimal Performance When the Stakes are High

  • THE SAFE BET IS THE WRONG BET: Bold Decision-Making & Calculated Risk-Taking

  • BEYOND THE BLUFF:  Problem Solving Like a Poker Pro

  • READ 'EM, BLUFF 'EM, OUTPLAY 'EM: Lesson From the Poker Table You Can Apply to Anything

  • BAD BEAT: Developing The Mental Resilience & Emotional Intelligence of a Poker Pro

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