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TV Host & Poker Presenter



PLAYUSA • Poker Vlogger & Live Streamer (2022)

POKER NIGHT LIVE • Live TV Co-Host • CBS Sports (2019)

GARDENS POKER NIGHT • Live Poker Host • Twitch (2019)

HEARTLAND POKER TOUR • Tournament Reporter (2013)

POKERNEWS • On-Camera Host / Producer (2006-2008)

female poker host commentator tiffany mi

POKERNEWS • International Events Presenter (2020)

WORLD SERIES OF POKER • Official On-Camera Presenter (2021)

888POKER • Social Media Host/Producer (2019-2022)

tiffany michelle top hottest female poke

Tiffany Michelle is a veteran poker presenter and commentator - the first female host ever hired to PokerNews (the world's leading poker news site), in 2006.

In addition to her natural prowess in the poker, gaming, casino and esports industries, Tiffany has an aresenal of diverse experiences including being an MVP athlete, massage therapist, beauty queen, chef-daughter foodie, sports fanatic, Los Angeles native and Amazing Racer.


Her adventurous spirit, candid and genuine personality and arsenal of life experiences have made her a skill, fan-favorite presenter

With her Film/TV background, coupled with her adventurous spirit, candid & genuine personality and arsenal of life experiences have made her a skilled and fan-favorite live and on-camera host. A certified massage therapist MVP athlete / record-breaking gamer chef daughter / card shark / sports junkie / former beauty queen / Amazing Race-r / and Los Angeles native...


... there is no industry or topic that Tiffany isn't prepared to jump in and tackle. On the field, in the kitchen, glam'd up on the red carpet, at the poker table, on the sidelines or conducting an in-depth interview, Tiffany's on-camera ease, quick wit and friendly personality bring out the best in those around her and engage every audience.


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