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Soooo, I've started a blog

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

I’ve been wanting launch a personal blog for awhile; to devote myself to something bigger than myself. In the last couple years I've begun sharing more vulnerable stories, thoughts and admissions on social media, but I suppose a BLOG is the thing to do and the place to do it!

When you have a career that’s all about yourself: promoting yourself, watching/editing videos of yourself, choosing the best pictures of yourself, receiving/soliciting free things because of who you are, posting social media content of yourself, networking in hopes of getting more opportunities for yourself.... you kind of get sick of: YOURSELF!

"How is what I’m doing benefitting anyone other than me???" I ask myself from time to time.

I'm a giving person. I have always aimed to share my #success and its perks with friends and family. I volunteer in my community. I try to lend a helping hand and support a variety of causes. I'm no Christmas Grinch.

But deep within me something longs to do more... to BE M O R E.

I think we all want to know (or feel) like we're are making an impact. I'm no different. I want to give back. I find value in being vulnerable and candid. I want to open my heart and share with others - what I've gained along the way. Well, I don't always "want to" be vulnerable, because the world can be horrible and judgey... but I believe our vulnerability and honesty is where the purpose, the change and the impact lies.

I want to know that I’m doing something bigger than me, and maybe... just maybe, positively effect the life of someone else.

So, here I am - just a girl on a journey through this crazy life. I want to share a bit of my heart with you, in hopes that you'll be encouraged, inspired and feel a little less alone in this world; maybe a little more understood, maybe a little more #empowered. And maybe... just maybe... through transparency, sharing, and encouraging we'll become something M O R E, something B E T T E R, and in turn change the world around us.


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