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  • Tiffany Michelle

The Little Things... There's Nothing Bigger, Is There?

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

I just watched the movie Vanilla Sky and this quote put me on the verge of tears. Granted, the context of the film influenced my emotional response but cinematic experience aside, what a powerful statement I found this to be.⁠

Of course, I've heard this notion expressed in many ways: “It’s the little things in life”, “It’s the little things that matter most”, “It’s the little things that count”...⁠

But this phrasing stopped me in my tracks, “…there’s nothing BIGGER, is there?”⁠ Now more than ever we can all relate to this, right?

With the COVID pandemic having disrupted and robbed much of our 2020, we are surely appreciating all the #littlethings all the more. But beyond awakening an appreciation for life’s little luxuries, gifts and pleasantries, this statement said to me that no matter what our deepest pain or how immense our #hardship… at the end of our lives we’ll look back to see that what was substantial - what gave our lives #meaning - was a continuous string of… little things.⁠

I considered how, when we lose a loved one it’s always the smallest things that we remember (and miss) the most; the sound of their voice, the way they smelled, a simple text or phone call, their laugh, or that funny little thing he/she did.⁠

It is the little things that make up our day-to-day, little moments that fill our lives with love, hope, meaning and joy, which subsequently FILL the chapters of our life’s saga, even though at times the intensity of our current #adversity feels insurmountably vast, and like IT is what will define us and be the theme to our story.⁠

We will have monumental moments, big #achievements, great loves and immense #loss throughout the duration of our lives, but maybe this #perspective will guide us to live (and thrive) more in the present. Maybe it can aid us when we face those mountainous trials and overwhelming heartbreaks, considering that the thing that seems to be the biggest pain, threat, fear, problem... maybe it isn’t? And maybe doesn’t hold as much power as we think.

"The little things… there’s nothing bigger, is there?”⁠

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