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Loving my small-boob self (AKA say 'No' to implants)

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Saw at this pic of myself in my camera roll and noticed how entirely non existent my boobs are... and I’m not at all mad about it. And just in case you’re a young woman (or even not so young) reading this and feeling dissatisfied with your breast size, thinking you need bigger boobs to feel better about yourself... you don’t. I have zero boobs, and while the notion has crossed my mind as to whether I’d like it if they were bigger, something always felt wrong to me about altering this one-of-a-kind #body that I was given. The idea of letting someone else cut me open and put foreign objects inside of my totally healthy body, so that my chest can look bigger (???) or cut, shift, chisel or inject me so that I can feel prettier and more desirable; morphing myself to fit a totally manmade and media-made construct of what is *desirable to men*... wow, gross. We dress it up with justifications, “I want to feel better about myself”, “I want to feel more proportionate”, “this is for me”, but the size of a woman’s breasts has only ever been directly correlated to her attractiveness to men — you don’t get bigger boobs for health benefits, better functionality, increased milk production, personal/professional efficiency... nada. No wonder suicide rates among girls and women increased 50% from 2000-2016. We’re handing out physical “fix its” like candy, band-aiding self-esteem issues and completely failing to have a discourse on why we feel unattractive, insufficient, unloved and/or how we can address these thoughts and feelings in order to improve our #selfconcept from within. Slapping on a pair of bigger breasts surely doesn’t address the original desire and need to surgically enhance one’s body. Where is the psychological surgery for a young woman’s negative #bodyimage? Where is the #SelfEsteem LIFT, and the confidence ENHANCING operation? You don’t fix yourself in order to love yourself. You have to figure out how to #loveyourself in order to “fix” yourself. Do the work, ladies. Having someone distort your face and body isn’t the answer. Your #AuthenticSelf is one-of-a-kind... don’t become a clone.

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