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You will Fall. You will Fail. You will Break.

... "and eventually, though you will be different than before, you will again become whole. You will be even more #beautiful precisely because of all of this. You will be a better person because of your #imperfections, not in spite of them.”

This spoke to me. As a girl raised in a strict #Christian home, I don’t feel like I was prepared for the #hardships and pain that are inevitable in life. The beautiful #faith and belief in a higher power that was handed down to me created somewhat of a bubble, and while I wouldn’t trade my childhood (and realize I can’t really complain about my happy bubble) if my adult-self were to impart anything to my younger self I would try to find a way to better prepare my young head and #heart for the heartbreaking realities & downfalls we are destined to face.

Life is insanely HARD. Things WON’T go as planned. Brokenness is everywhere. Heartbreak is inevitable. You WILL get it wrong. You WILL suffer. You will face hardships you feel unable to survive, some of which will crush you.

Ok, fine... maybe that’s not the bedtime story you want to tell your child, and eventually the lesson gets learned, so maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be. I’ve just been contemplating lately, how “no one ever told me” about the pain; the cracks and breaks and scars that will not only be inflicted, but will then stay with you… in you - that no deity has the power to erase.

The good news is that our minds, bodies & hearts are amazingly #resilient! I am learning to live with the holes, hurts, and fears... and (silver lining) have found that the most beautiful, interesting, wise, and kind people are those who have endured great hardship and heartbreak. Pain can shape us into beautifully deep and empathetic people, if we let it.

So, for anyone reading this who has experienced a tragedy-free life and wants to know what to prepare for, or for anyone feeling like their current pain or #failure is the end; a death sentence, insurmountable... it’s not! You CAN withstand the trauma. You ARE capable of surviving the pain. EXPECT trials & unpleasantries. Be patient with yourself, hold tight to hope, and friggin’ cherish the moments that are easy, delightful & carefree.

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