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Taking pictures of beautiful things - besides yourself

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

We’ve taken a lot of pretty portrait and modely-type pictures while summer vacationing in Oregon... but I think this one is, far and above, my favorite.

We were taking our daily hike on the 500-acre property where we’re staying, and got caught in a bit of a rainfall. Somehow we weren’t even phased by the sudden showers; something about staying in the mountains and feeling one with #nature made the usual annoyance of getting wet in the rain a very insignificant disturbance.

As we eventually turned to walk back I continued to scout picturesque spots to take pictures (of myself... for tha’Gram), when I saw this beautiful, whispy-grass meadow with literally just this ONE daisy in the entire field.

My inclination was to cup my hands around the flower - I’m not sure why. I asked my partner to take a photo. Later, when I saw the image I was a bit speechless. The photo was even more #beautiful and moving than I remember the moment being.

The vibrance of the flower.

How aged my hands look.

The dirty knitted sweater I borrowed from the cabin closet.

The perfectly visible rain droplets sitting on the pedals.

Life. Beauty. Nature. Age. #Imperfection.

My inescapable #vanity chimed in for a moment as I thought, “Wow, my hands look old. Hmm... I wish my sweater wasn’t dirty”. I quickly rolled my eyes at myself, realizing that these imperfections were what made the photo so beautiful, because it made the moment real and so perfectly imperfect... so human.

I have yet to put my finger on what exactly moves me about this photo, but it speaks to me and I felt inclined to share. I’d love to know what you feel or take away from viewing this moment. 

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