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Quarantine Birthday Thoughts

MEGA birthday throwback! Vegas. Back when I was kinda hot stuff (err “Hot Chips”, more specifically)... back when Eva Longoria had a nightclub, and when nightclubs threw epic parties for people... and I was young enough to find a nigtht club a fun time.

Not exactly how I'd want to spend my old lady bdays, but I appreciate that THIS is part of my journey. Young, wild and free.

My birthday celebrations have clearly changed over the years - this year specifically being dramatically different; not only a #quarantine birthday, but a quarantine birthday during the height of the riots, protesting, looting, blackouts and social unrest + activism. Doesn’t really feel like a great time to celebrate myself.

So, I’m sitting here... acknowledging the weight of national and global crisis we find ourselves in (socially & physically), mostly feeling grateful that although this birthday feels a bit dampened, I have had thirty-something years of really amazing, fun-filled, carefree, creative, and unique birthdays to enjoy.

I recognize that have lived a GREATLY priviledged life. Today, I will sit here, with a heavy, yet grateful heart... and I will ponder that.

Happy Birth-Day to me. Here is to yet another year of radical growth!

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