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My Thoughts on the Instagram 'Challenge Accepted' Trend

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

I’m all for women supporting women, girl power, sisterhood etc., but (in reference to the July 2020 Instagram "Challenge Accepted" black-and-white photo trend) I'm somehow I’m failing to see how posting a photo of oneself helps us “love”, “care for” each other, or address female criticisms and/or #selfesteem issues.

I realize this commentary is going to seem like the exact opposite of what this black-and-white photo “challenge” intended, but I felt the need to share another #perspective.

#SocialMedia makes it so easy to perpetuate trivial trends that often strike me as self-indulgent, and I feel like we too quickly to jump on the latest bandwagon, rather than pausing to reflect on the actions we can take to actually further what the intended cause or message is.

Post a picture of yourself, mention my name and tag 50 people”??? When I saw this chain mail “challenge” in my Instagram direct-message box it weirdly struck me as the originator’s ploy for followers, rather than someone passionate about exalting a sister and genuinely addressing insecurities and unity among #women.

If this is really about empowering other women, how about posting a picture of ANOTHER WOMAN who is strong, beautiful and has made an impact in your life? Or share a vulnerable moment where you caught yourself being critical of other women, and how you adjusted the behavior in a healthy way.

I don’t intend to sound like a Negative Nancy, and clearly there is no harm to posting a picture of yourself with a girl power shoutout. My point is simply that there are pros and cons to social media... and my parents raised me to go against the flow, to think for myself, to get to the core of things and to act with reason.

Just wanted to drop my two-cents into the cyberverse and encourage any other ladies who had a different response to this latest trend. Let’s all continue to strive to be women of intention, substance and purpose.

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