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I could be that girl...

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

I could do that.

I could be the girl who posts hot pictures of herself, but then I wouldn't/couldn't be the girl who tells you to be confident for affirmation… to love yourself… that looks don't matter… to not let other's approval of you define who you are.

I could do that.

I could post a sexy selfie every single, but who would I be? Where would I be? Why would I be doing it?

Sometimes I want to. What if guys come to my Instagram and they're bored by the lack of sexy selfless, and underwhelmed by the plethora of travel pics, friend photos, leg views and X.

If my life doesn't win them over, my body, looks and sex appeal has no business trying to.

Do I want

I could do that. I could be that girl. But I'm not that girl. I refuse to be that girl. I refuse to let my looks define me. I refuse to let my looks be my "best foot forward", the first thing I put on display to attract attention… to attract a man. I refuse to let the affirmation and "likes" of strangers affirm me and build my self confidence. I refuse to cut corners. I refuse to fast track my way to self worth and confidence.

I could do that. I could be that girl… but then I'd be like every other girl. I refuse to conform. I refuse to be a product, a piece of meat, a trophy.

I am a brain. I am a heart. I am a soul. I am the culmination of my experiences, which, if you take the chance to get to know me… you might be fascinated (intrigued) by.

Every time I'm tempted to post a photo for affirmation, I remind me - you are beautiful, you are confident and you are above that.

Selfieless. Real. Confident. Rebel. Non-conformist. Whatever you want to call it… I am not "that girl".

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